General Spare Parts

Our aim is to have as much spare parts in stock as possible to be able to deliver immediately, time is money for vessels. We are focusing on having all major parts in stock and are gradually expanding our store. 

Manoeuvring Systems

We have our own CPP electronic control system, for control of propeller pitch and engine rev’s. Our system is specially designed for upgrading and retrofit of old control systems of any make.

The upgrading can be made in different levels, from changing the old electronic units only, to a full upgrade with new panels and cabling.

Our system is specially designed for retrofit, which means that it is cost effective, fast and reliable to make an upgrade.

Please ask for separate broschure for more info.

Service, mechanical, electrical or hydraulic.

Our aim is to provide the best service solution for every ship owner. Together we and our close work colleagues have more than 100 years of experience in propulsion. We do all kind of service needed for propellers from any maker. It will be for us to provide the best engineer and the correct parts for every job. If it’s dry docking, we normally supervise the job and work together with the shipyard as “makers man”. We can also do the job fully under our company by sending more than one engineer if needed. We also offering upgrade of any type of old remote control system to the most reliable and modern system in the market with guaranteed support for the life time of your vessel.


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